This week’s Wanderlust Wednesday highlights the UK, a gem for all things travel. From gorgeous country landscapes to historical cities like London or Manchester, to the coast. There is so much to fall in love with!! So, let’s take a journey and fall in love with all things UK!

Let’s start with my favorite city… LONDON


 London has always had my heart. It’s where i had the honor of living for three years and that experience has really shaped me into who I am today. I met so many amazing souls and shared countless unforgettable memories. Walking around and soaking up the history, the culture, and most importantly the beauty will forever be my favorite past time. The mixture between modern buildings, historic sites and landmarks, and trendy urban areas make London truly unique.

Not a city person? Well, off to the countryside we go!!

Up next… the UK’s gorgeous coastline…

Is there any better sense of serenity than the UK’s magical coastline??

Some infamously gorgeous cities along the UK’s coast includes…

  • Cornwall, England
  • Dorset, England
  • Cliffs of Moher, Ireland
  • Pennan, Scotland
  •  Galaway City, Ireland
  •  Cardiff, Wales

Who fell in love?! Because I definitely just fell in love all over again. There are so many wonderfully beautiful countries in Europe that stand out for not only their cultural diversity but the diversity in landscape as well! I love the thought that every different city that makes up each countries are each so vastly different and you definitely see that in the UK. Each of them gorgeous in their own rights and beautifully unique, it’s hard not to fall in love. Who’s feeling that wanderlust biting again?! I encourage you all to be inspired by everything the UK has to offer and I challenge those who’ve only experienced some of the major metropolitan cities to consider venturing into new territory! Whether it’s a road trip through England or a quick trip to the Welsh countryside – get out there and see more than the basic sights! There is so much more to explore and to fall in love with.


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