The aim of The Nomadic Dreamers and TND Travel Shop is to unite young travelers in a common passion, travel. There are many ways we do this but it all starts with our community, with YOU.

We want each of you to know that as a blog, community platform, and apparel shop, we are constantly looking for new ways to involve each of you. We offer many ways to collaborate that we outlined for you:

Guest Nomad position description

As a Guest Nomad, you can submit a piece of work to us that you want to share with our community! We give out spotlights and features through our social media so that you are given exposure to our community and a platform to express your thoughts and passions. This position allows for flexibility as you can submit posts to us as it suits your schedule. Want to be a Guest Nomad?

Nomadic Dreamer position

Our Nomadic Dreamer positions are for more frequent posts, collaborations, and projects. We offer a range of categories for each Nomadic Dreamer to chose from. This allows our community to get to know YOU as a community expert on certain topics. With this position, you are given the ability to be a pillar of the community inciting passionate conversations, share your travel journey, and inspire others. As a part of this position, there are a few requirements that aid in bolstering your blogging credit with your fellow nomads and help you to grow through the community. Is this the position for you?

Product Partner Description

As a travel apparel shop, we are constantly on the hunt for products that will entice and inspire our nomads. If you have a product that is inspired or related to travel we want to showcase your product to the community!

There are so many ways to collaborate with us and to find your niche within the community. We encourage each and every one of you to reach out to us and to the community.