Thinking of visiting South Africa or just putting it on your wanderlust bucket list? Well here’s the shortlist of what you need to know about the most gorgeous and culturally diverse country imaginable, South Africa! And yes, it really is that beautiful.

South Africa has everything you could need or want from a country from safari’s, to stunning beaches, to vineyard tours, and everything in between, it doesn’t disappoint. First thing you need to know, which cities should I visit? Let me start with the basics, Cape Town and Kruger State Park. These two are often the most recognized and well-known destinations, for good reason. Some lesser known towns are Hermanus, and Mossel Bay.

If you’re booking a trip or looking to book one for South Africa, I know I always end up searching Pinterest endlessly for ideas and tips. But, there’s nothing worse than having to read a long drawn out article when all you really want to know is where to go and what to do! So, I’ve formatted this in the most streamlined way possible, cities and some bullet points of ideas that I myself have experienced and loved! So, let’s get into the fun stuff…

First stop, Cape Town!

  • Table Mountain – catch a cable car up to one of the most picturesque locations in South Africa. Don’t be afraid to be a little basic and take some beauty shots!
  • Shark Cage Diving – how adventurous do you consider yourself? Trust me, it seems daunting but this is a once in a lifetime experience. I dare you, TAKE THE PLUNGE!
  • Visit the penguins – Waddle on down to visit the infamous Boulder Beach Penguins. Seriously, is there anything cuter than little penguin buddies playing in the sand with gorgeous crystal blue water behind them? The answer is THERE’S NOTHING CUTER.

(p.s. the picture above is from Bounder Beach)

  • Hike up Lion’s Head – There’s nothing more extraordinary then the landscape of the South African coast and the views from the top of Lion’s Head is no different!
  • Victoria & Alfred Waterfront – Explore the V&A waterfront, with shopping, unparalleled dining and a lively atmosphere. Did that sound enough like a tourist brochure? Cheesy lines aside, V&A is the cutest little harbor with everything you can imagine.

Photo credit: michaeljung / 123RF Stock Photo

Photo Credit: Lonely Planet 

Next stop, Hermanus!

Hermanus is a quaint little town that you should spend a day in! It’s the perfect spot for a day trip from Cape Town especially because the views along the drive are breathtaking!

  • Explore the town center – With amazing restaurants, stunning views and the occasional outdoor market, Hermanus is a picturesque South African town.
  • Vineyard and Brewery tour – Visit the Walker Bay Estates which is home to Birkenhead Brewery to see a stunning vineyard, experience a brewery tour and delicious food while enjoying the hilly landscape. That totally sounds like an advertisement but trust me it’s worth it and I mean every word!

Photo Credit: Windsor Hotel

Up next, Mossel Bay!

  • Check out Baruch’s Coffee – This is the perfect place for coffee shop enthusiasts. With a quirky and fun environment and incredible coffee and Israeli food as well as sweet treats, it’s a must!
  • Cape St. Blaise Lighthouse – I cannot emphasize enough the amazing views and potential Insta pics.. and this is another GREAT location for that. Also, it’s one of only two lighthouses along the South African Coast that still keeps 24 hour watch, so that’s pretty cool!
  • Day trails – There are sooo many day trails along the garden route and it’s a definite must if you’re looking for more outdoor adventure in your trip.
  • Bonniedale 4×4 Trail – Like to get muddy? Then this is the perfect activity for you! You can take on a little extra adventure and you might even see some wildlife as well!

Photo Credit: Travel Nation 

Last but certainly not least, Kruger State Park

SAFARI SAFARI SAFARI – There is a multitude of different safari camps that offer anywhere from a simple and more inexpensive safari to some high-end campsites that make safari’s look like a 5-star excursion! Which ever way you go you won’t be disappointed. If you’ve never been on a safari it’s unlike any experience imaginable. Picture the zoo… but this time you’re the one’s caged up and they’re free and roaming about. It’s the best way to truly experience these animals. My mom would tell you that her favorite part about safaris is that they’re unpredictable. You never know what you’ll see because there isn’t a “zebra section” and an “elephant section” your guides are the ones that try to track and find these animals for you to see!

I truly hope you venture out to South Africa because without a doubt it is one of my favorite vacations I’ve ever been on. When I think about my trip to South Africa in 2013, it was the perfect combination of relaxation and adventure. Although I’ve already been I 100% want to go back and truly believe it is a vacation everyone in their 20’s and families alike should experience. Trust me, it’ll change your life.

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