Welcome to the ultimate Christmas Gift Guide for nomads!! The holiday season is upon us and if you’re like us, you’re looking for some travel gift inspiration to spark your shopping. But worry not, we’ve scoured the web for the best gifts for your travel-obsessed friends so you don’t have to. Also, we 100% will not judge you if you buy these for yourself instead… or… for us? Either way… start scrolling so you can start shopping! We even separated them by price to make it easier to spend your money! 

Vintage Travel Poster 

The best travel gifts for your favorite nomad: A vintage travel poster

We don’t know about you guys, but we love ways to commemorate our travels. From the perfect polaroid camera to capture memories instantly (see below) to posters like this one to hang up on our wall and be reminded of our great adventures. 

On places like Etsy, you can find hundreds if not thousands of these types of posters of destinations around the world! It’s a thoughtful gift that will leave your nomad smiling from ear to ear!

Price: Around $8-$30 | Buy Here

Travel Coasters

The best travel gifts for your favorite nomad: Travel coasters

Probably the cutest housewarming gift for your travel buddy or yourself! 

Price: $20  | Buy Here

The 500 Hidden Secrets Book

The 500 Hidden Secrets book to see all sides of a city

The perfect gift for the nomad who likes to see more than just the tourist attractions. I stumbled upon this book in my Airbnb in Paris and we found a lot of places that we visited from it that made our trip more wholesome.

I also own the London one now to try and find some hidden spots in my own city and I couldn’t recommend it any higher! Carley and I both strive to travel to explore cultures as more than just tourists but as locals, and I know a lot of other nomads share the same philosophy. 

This book, like my London one, comes in many different versions, covering cities all around the world. Inside, you’ll find topics all the way from food and drinks to historic locations, all to give an overall view of the gorgeous city in focus! Whether you have a friend or family member in mind traveling to a new place soon or someone wanting to get to know their own area more in depth, this book is perfect!

Price: $12  | Buy Here

The Travel Trivia Game Powered by Alexa

The best travel gifts for your favorite nomad: The travel trivia game

The caveat of this one is that you need to have Alexa by Amazon to play but if you do, you are in for a treat!

Review after review says how immersive this game is as you get to hear the sounds and people of a city and interact with them! This game will take you around the world from the comfort of your own living room, and it’ll be an amazing trip!

Price: $30 | Buy Here

The Trtl Pillow

The best travel gifts for your favorite nomads: The trtl pillow

The Trtl is scientifically proven to keep your head and neck in place. This neck pillow looks more like a scarf but it has built-in support to keep your head in an up-right comfortable position.

After all the publicity on this pillow and the countless positive reviews, even I am asking for it for Christmas!

Price: $30 | Buy Here

Wireless Headphones 

The perfect travel gifts for your favroite nomad: wireless headphones

This is something all travelers need, a pair of headphones. But why wireless? They are just easier! Never again will you get them caught on something, or tangled up to the point where it gets annoying! 

For me, I imagine walking down the aisle of the airplane and instead of trying to put my carry-on above the seat and somehow catching my headphones, easily sliding it in, with headphone still in tact and me not looking like a huge mess. *Adds headphones to basket…*

Price: $32 |Buy Here

3 Month Birchbox Subscription 

The best travel gifts for your favorite nomads: Birchbox Beauty subscription box

For someone who cares about their beauty routine, even while traveling. Gift this and the receiver will be able to choose what products they want to try and once a month, they will get a Birchbox in the mail. Everything inside the box is travel-size friendly too, a double plus!

Price: $30 for 3 Months | Buy here

Scott’s Cheap Flights Subscription 

The best travel gifts for your favorite nomad: Scott's Cheap Flight Subscription

If you have never heard of Scott’s Cheap Flights, boy have you been missing out. Scott Keyes, the founder, started the subscription-based company to show people how  affordable flying around the world truly could be if they knew how and when to look. 

How it works is when Scott and his team find a deal that is either cheap or has great value, they notify you in an email! They give you the low-down on the deal and how to book it as well. 

With the premium subscription, I have had deals like $400 RT to Bangkok from New York and $190 RT to Paris. The savings they find can be incredible and it will probably have you traveling a lot more next year (or you know, the friend you get it for 😉 ).

Price: $40/Year | Buy Here

Scrubba Portable Clothes Washing Bag 

The perfect travel gifts for your favorite nomad: A portable washing Machine

This may be the most practical thing on our gift guide this year. 

From what can fold small enough to fit into a pocket, comes the solution for those who travel for long periods, and anyone who needs to wash their clothes on the road. It will wash your clothes and dry them and it is cleaner than a hostel sink!

Also, this portable washing machine is perfect when you want to minimize the amount of clothes you pack. No more worrying about running out of clothes where there is no washing machine in sight!

Price: $46 | Buy Here

Ancestry DNA 

The best travel gifts for your favorite nomad: Ancestry DNA kit

Especially in America, when people ask, “What are you?” we typically respond with “Oh, I’m 50% Italian, 25% German, 20% Irish then like 5% of a bunch of other countries in Europe”. But do we really ever know? And as someone who obviously likes travel (or you got lost and ended up on this page somehow..), wouldn’t it be great to really pinpoint your ancestry? Truly discover your roots?

With the results from Ancestry, you may discover you are from an area you never knew you were from… OR maybe you could even find out you have long-lost cousins out in the world, you never know!

Whatever it may be, this is a great gift for you and family members to enjoy together. Maybe even do before the holidays so when you are all exchanging gifts, you can sit around and discover your past together!

Price: $59 (until 12/24!)  | Buy here

Plant-Based Travel Remedies Kit

Herbal remedies for the sickly traveler

So, if you’re anything like me then you LOVE traveling but your body HATES it. Every time I travel I get sick or struggle sleeping… it’s always something! Well, this is the perfect gift for a sensitive and finicky traveler like me! 

This plant-based kit will provide a sense of calm, relief and wellbeing for any journey. The products were designed by Design Hotels™ and formulated by Biocol Labs with these five most recurrent ailments in mind: jet lag, flight distress, poor digestion, weakened immune system and the infamous hangover (it’s safe to say we all need this one). 

This is bound to be the perfect gift for the health-conscious, the sicky traveler, and even the traveler who packs one too many toiletries, you never know what you’ll need! So not to be dramatic… but if you buy this for someone you’re basically their saving grace as they travel and find themselves in need of these remedies!

Price: $68  | Buy here

An Airbnb Gift Card

The best travel gifts for your favorite nomads: An airbnb gift card

We are both huge fans of Airbnb. We have stayed in many before and continuously choose them over any other type of accommodation. Like it says above, “belong anywhere”,  staying in an Airbnb allows you to see and experience places you would never would get to in a hotel or hostel. A person opens up their whole home, or maybe just a part to you. Whether in the foot hills of Andalusia, or in central Bangkok, where ever you go, staying in an Airbnb adds something more homey and unique to your travels. 

Price: Will Vary Depending on Gift Card Amount ($75 is a nice gift)| Buy Here

Pacsafe Slingsafe LX300 Anti-Theft Backpack

Anti-theft travel backpack for the smart traveler

For the travel savvy explorer who doesn’t want to worry about theft ruining an amazing trip!

This light-weight and stylish backpack is perfect for any nomad on-the-go. This backpack is fitted with multiple safety and anti-theft features that make it perfect for wandering around a bustling city or carrying around important travel documents with peace of mind.

Why not give the gift of style, convenience, AND safety for your favorite traveler? Lol.. too cheesy? No, but really, this is a perfect gift and it will keep your belongings safe so its a win-win!

Price: $46-$63 (depending on the color) | Buy Here

Travel Charm 

The best travel gifts to get your favorite nomad: a travel charm

Jet Set Candy is one of our favorite places to get travel-related jewelry. They promise to capture the essence of places near and far and to help their customers collect their adventures through different pieces. 

Our favorite are their luggage tag charms. From Tampa, Florida to Kuala Lumpur, get your favorite jet setter a piece that will remind them of one of there favorite places and fill them with wanderlust!

Price: $68-$98 (depending on if you get silver or gold) | Buy Here

An Audio Book Subscription that You Can Listen to Offline

The perfect travel gifts for your favorite nomads: an audio book subscription

When everything has been turned digital, it makes sense that our books have to. For your favorite book worm who is also a world traveler, gift them an Audible subscription so they can listen to books on the go, even offline! 

Price: $150 for a year subscription (cheaper options available)  | Buy Here

Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic Polaroid Camera

The best travel gifts for your favorite nomad: The Fujifilm Mini Polaroid Camera

Who doesn’t love a good polaroid photo? An instant memory in your hands for you to look back and smile on as your are reminded of a certain moment or of a whole trip. 

The Fujifilm camera is unlike other polaroids though, in fact, it is more high tech. It has many features of a digital camera like sensing the brightness to reduce the flash and shutter speed and many modes to choose from but still with that instant gratification of holding your picture in your hand right after!

Price: $120 | Buy Here

The Everywhere Bag by AWAY

AWAY carry-on travel bag

As avid travelers, most of us our very familiar with the brand AWAY. Their innovative and stylish luggage can be seen all over Insta from ads to influencers and even by some of us wandering nomads. But, I know not everyone likes to spend a lot of money on luggage as it is something you can find cheap and it’s something you don’t have to repurchase often! So, here’s the compromise, THE BAG. This water-resistant and thoughtfully designed carry-on bag is perfect for a traveler looking for an alternative to a rolling carry-on. 

Just to give you a little perspective, I haven’t asked for a single thing for Christmas in a few years… I just like to be surprised and I don’t feel like I NEED anything… but this year I NEED this bag!

When I stumbled upon this bag I thought it was perfect for you nomads. Whether you use it for an overnight bag or carry-on it comes with every feature you might need. It pairs easily with a suitcase (as shown in the picture), it has pouches to fit your laptop, books, pens, and other travel gear, and at the bottom of the bag there’s a pouch for an umbrella! It’s the perfect “carry-all for your carry-on” and you just might make a nomad’s year with this gift!

Price: $195 (more depending on the pattern) | Buy Here

City Skyline Necklace

London Skyline necklace for the sentimental and fashionable traveler!

Before my move to London I wanted to purchase a little momento or gift to myself so I went searching for a skyline necklace when I came across this gorgeous one. Ever since I get questions about it CONSTANTLY. This necklace is from Ring Concierge and comes in multiple skylines, namely, London, New York, and Paris. They make the perfect gifts for the fashionable or sentimental traveler who has one city they dream of or get to call home. The necklaces come in two sizes mini and standard so you have city skyline options, size options, AND style options (silver, gold, and rose gold).

Purchase this gift for your favorite traveler so they can fashionably sport their favorite city everywhere they go!

Price: $120 ($220 for the standard) | Buy Here

The DJI Spark Drone 

DJI SPARK Drone: a perfect travel gift for your favorite nomad!

I love DJI. I have their Mavic Drone and I take it everywhere I can fly it! The Spark (which I have actually considered switching to) is more travel-friendly and a plus is that it can take off from your hand! 

Drone photography is a whole new level and this drone, while small, will result in some incredible photos and videos for you to look back on!

Price: $322 | Buy here

Now that you have an idea of what to ask for give for Christmas to all your loved ones who love to get up and go explore, we hope your holidays are filled with not just ways to enhance your traveling, but with love and happiness! 

As the weather gets colder in many parts of the world and the holiday spirit level goes through the roof, we start to cozy up inside. But there are things to do and places to see that are never the same during any other time, like visiting beautiful Christmas Markets. What are some holiday season bucket list items you are dying to cross off? Share in the comment section below!

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